• The Ogden River Parkway runs 9.6 miles along the Ogden River. Inconceivable years earlier, given the cutting edge water sullying, valiant undertakings have seen the river be restored and changed into a sound, enthusiastic nature retreat straightforwardly in the center of downtown Ogden. 


    The trail begins at the mouth of Ogden Canyon along State Route 39, and it adventures out west to Fort Buenaventura, where it interfaces up with the Weber River Parkway. The Ogden River Parkway is similarly part of the Golden Spoke trail structure, which navigates more than 100 miles among Ogden and Provo. 


    Between stunning river sees, liberal calculating, and access to attractions, for instance, Rainbow Gardens and the Historic 25th Street region, the trail will address an extent of customers. As you wind past the lakes and parks, try to find a dark spot to defer and just take it all in.

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    966 W 12th St, Ogden, UT 84404, USA

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